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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We're all getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and cyber Monday.....I will not be leaving my house on Friday, that is for sure. There are so many things available on the web, and I am one of those last minute shoppers anyway..

People just think commercial when the Christmas season rolls around. I know, i've said it before. But I am saying it again. Our country is filled with talented people. People that use their hearts and their hands to make beautiful things that can be kept forever.

I'm sure everyone has heard of planned obsolescence. This is when things are made in a manufacturing environment and after a certain amount of time it needs parts replaced or has to be replaced completely. So all those gadgets and video games are going to be gone long before the piece of jewelry or wood carving or afghan you buy handmade.

The shop i'm about to show you has beautifully handcrafted jewelry pieces in it. They are heirloom quality. 20 years from now when someone asks your child or grandchild where they got the beautiful bracelet they can say it was handmade years ago and given to me by my mother whose mother gave it to her....

Jade bracelet

Periwinkle bracelet

i rambled a little today, sorry about that...

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