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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playing with clay

Clay is so much fun. I don't have a lot of experience with polymer, well, ok,
But I picked some up and integrated with some chain maille. This is what I came up with, it's still a work in progress but I think it might look like an interesting piece when it's done. I did a Full Persian legnth, joined in the middle, added the clay 'cab' and baked the whole thing...

I had an interesting suggestion from Debbie L over at The Hive . Stamp a design on and seal it..interesting...stay tuned

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I can't believe I haven't posted anything since VALENTINES DAY!! I have been super busy taking classes for my job. I have made a few things. Prom is coming, for my daughter, not Then graduation after that. Busy, busy.

This is the latest bracelet, you can find it in my etsy shop
There's also a new watch
I got a pendant from Wendy at Morninglightglass for Sams prom. I am planning a Jens Pind weave chain for it. Although I may change my mind....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentines Day

Well, I've been a little busy with work, doing a couple custom orders. They are actually for kids, the Mom has one of my bracelets and wanted some for her little girls. Doing a Byzantine with hot pink. Debating on the clasps. I want cute because they are little girls but they have to be durable enough to withstand play. So i'm thinking a lobster...

I also did this one for Valentines Day, real easy Euro 4-1 with smaller rings on the outer edges and an oversized clasp.
You can see more pics of this one here
Bridget Nolte of wyndsweptacres received her bracelet and ring in the mail, finally. I was pretty happy that she liked them.
The ring was actually one of the first ones I made. Copper and blue glass pearls. I wanted it to look like robins eggs in a nest.
The bracelet is made from square coppr jump rings, which were quite difficult to make. Staggered Byzantine between.
So thats what i've been up to. I'll try not to wait so long to post next time.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chain Mailler from Alaska

It's nice to have other chain maille weavers to talk to. I've gotten to know Dawn on The Hive, she is a fellow chain mailler, she is a pro at Viking Knit and her stuff is just gorgeous. So she has her FB Fan page up and running now so stop by and say hi.
She is having her very first giveaway, a lovely beaded pendant.
Here is a link to her FB Fan page and here's another to her website
This is one of Dawns viking knit bracelets.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

An old craft..wood4sale

I was wandering through etsy last night, looking at woodworked items. It amazes me how people can turn a lump of nothing into a beautiful something. So deciding to do a treasury on wood turned bowls, I think those are the best. If you look at what they start with, maybe something that looks like that, and see what the finished item looks like, it's just amazing.
So, i'm wandering through the turned bowls, I love the ones made from burls. A burl is a tree growth in which the grain grew in a deformed manner. I always look at their profile, to see how they got started and where they are from. wood4sale had one of my favorites, and guess what, he is from the area I grew up in. That was pretty cool. Some of the wood he uses comes from the area where we ride four wheelers and go camping and where my sister had her wedding!!
So I will quit babbling now and give you a sneak peak.
This one is made from Black Cherry, it's also the one I put in the treasury and my favorite. Here's one for all you yarn enthusiasts out there, knitters, crocheters...

It's called a Nostepinde, used to wind a center pull yarn ball....very cool.
One more then you have to go look for yourself..This is a self winding top..made from Adirondack Black Cherry..

So do me a favor, go visit Mr Hostetter in his etsy shop and maybe Tweet or FB a few of his items. He is a talented woodworker, he is also a responsible one, which counts a lot.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tool Giveaway?!?!!?!?!

How cool is this. Lori Anderson is giving away a test set from PJ Tool, a very cool set of metal stamps. She tried them out, liked them and decided to have a very cool giveaway.
Just click on her name to be taken to her blog and follow the instructions...easy peasy!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy Busy

It's been such a busy week. The store i'm working for has the Grand opening on Sunday, so we have been busting our butts getting it ready. I have to say, we did good. I love that everything is brand new. Now keeping it nice and clean is going to be our jobs. I always liked working in retail..

So, the downside to the week, I haven't made anything all week. By the time I get home, get laundry and things done, it's time to go to bed because I AM BEAT. So I have the next two days off to get some things done, get some relax time and make some things.

It's gonna take me half the day to catch up on all the goings on at The Hive!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New policies at ETSY

I have to say, this policy change is a good thing. I don't know if anyone has been following this story, or drama or whatever you would call it.
Etsy had a certain seller on their site that was selling VERY offensive material. Offensive to women, men, victims of crimes, people with disabilities and so on. There is a full article here with a CNN video:
PRBreakfastClub The author, Shelley DeMott Kramer, gives a very detailed and accurate account of the whole thing.
So today I am looking over the ETSY news, and lo and behold, policy change

YEAH ETSY!!!! They have removed this seller.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Designs

I guess the trick is, when you find a layout you like, stick with it. I've sat here for the last hour playin with all kinds of different bckgrounds and layouts, and I ended up going back to the one I started with. I looked at the dark for the last couple of weeks and kept sayin I had to go in and fix it. I didn't like that at all.
So, im not changing it again.

Posting a link to FB Fan page so you can see pics of the finished bracelet. I posted the WIP the other day.
Byzantine Variation Finished project. This is for a friend. She lives in Minnesota, cowgirl, dollmaker. I was goin for a country look, it has a bit of vintage, but thats ok, I think it will go well with her cowgirl boots!!

I have tomorrow off and hoping the sun will shine so I can get on the picture taking project. I have to do pics outside because I just don't have enough of a light source inside. Sunshine is better anyway, so thats my project for tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Byzantine Varaition

This one I just started putting together. I wanted to use some the copper flat wire rings I made for something. So this is what I came up with.
                       Each section of Byzantine is connected using two flat wire copper rings (6mm)               

Another chain is made and attached next to the previous chain.
This is as far as i've gotten. This is a possible design for my bud Bridget. I wouldn't mind some feedback. She's a cowgirl from MN. So I really wanted to use something earthy like copper but i'm not sure if it's too dark.

I am going to use a hand forged clasp, also copper.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there today!!