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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

I was so excited yesterday, I had a sale. So i'm on my way into town, of course I have to stop to the craft stores, then to an appointment and mail out some earrings. Coming out of the craft store parking lot I got hit. I should have been paying more attention, this kid was going so fast it spun me around to the direction I was pointing when I left. So, I didn't get to the post office, missed my appointment and my car will probably be totaled by the insurance company because it has over a 100 thousand miles on it.

Luckily neither of us got hurt, me or the other driver, just banged up. So when I got home and finished with phone calls and insurance companies I sat down and sorted beads for about three hours. It's funny how something like that, or whatever it is you like to do, can soothe you're nerves.
That was the first time in my 40 years I have ever had bad luck on Friday the 13th..

Side note: mailing stuff today but i'm walking to the post

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