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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


December 2nd...I missed a couple days, or maybe just one. I was feeling a little irritated that the black Friday weekend went so bad. i had no sales  and no more views than I usually have at my ArtFire studio. But it was the same for a lot of people. It is depressing.
So I gave myself the kick in the ass that I had to. I sometimes have to do that when I'm feeling sorry for myself. You think i'm kidding but its better than asking my husband to do it for me....he might
I have decided to mark all of my items down by 40%. Yup, gonna get rid of all of it and start fresh.
I love to make jewelry. Whether its with seed beads or wire or stones. And I can remember the first time I ever thought of making something. I had an uncle who was a gemologist. He went on rock digs all over the place. He really started from scratch and made the most gorgeous jewelry. I wish I had some pics to show....ahhh well. But those things he made stick in my mind and give me hope that maybe someday my stuff will be as good as his.
So I guess thats it for today...

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