Crafters and friends

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I love to introduce you to different artists. This lady makes some amazing dolls. My favorite has to be this Santa. I love things like this around Christmas time, it is such a nice change from the store bought, injection molded, manufactured decorations. Yup that was a rant, but when you pay twenty or thirty dollars for something store bought you could be getting this OOAK for ten.
So you get handmade, in the US and one of a kind. Can you really beat that? You can check out her ETSY shop here!
She also does patterns and i'm sure she would love to hear from you whether you want an OOAK item or even just to say those are awesome!!


Faye Hadfield said...

Beautiful and I agree with your little rant! LOL! Thanks for sharing xx

Stephanie said...

Thanks Faye, I think if we supported more in US our economy would be a whole lot better.