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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An old craft..wood4sale

I was wandering through etsy last night, looking at woodworked items. It amazes me how people can turn a lump of nothing into a beautiful something. So deciding to do a treasury on wood turned bowls, I think those are the best. If you look at what they start with, maybe something that looks like that, and see what the finished item looks like, it's just amazing.
So, i'm wandering through the turned bowls, I love the ones made from burls. A burl is a tree growth in which the grain grew in a deformed manner. I always look at their profile, to see how they got started and where they are from. wood4sale had one of my favorites, and guess what, he is from the area I grew up in. That was pretty cool. Some of the wood he uses comes from the area where we ride four wheelers and go camping and where my sister had her wedding!!
So I will quit babbling now and give you a sneak peak.
This one is made from Black Cherry, it's also the one I put in the treasury and my favorite. Here's one for all you yarn enthusiasts out there, knitters, crocheters...

It's called a Nostepinde, used to wind a center pull yarn ball....very cool.
One more then you have to go look for yourself..This is a self winding top..made from Adirondack Black Cherry..

So do me a favor, go visit Mr Hostetter in his etsy shop and maybe Tweet or FB a few of his items. He is a talented woodworker, he is also a responsible one, which counts a lot.

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