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Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, it's been a busy week so far, i've only got one project done. It is a pretty simple design using Byzantine weave to make a focal point for a necklace. You can see on each link in the triangle there are three Byzantine links. Then they are linked together so the top half of the ring is visible.
The chain is just two in one. I put a magnetic clasp on this one. The necklace is really light, and only measures just over 14".

The new job is going well, I am training at a store in Spartanburg, I can't wait to get to my usual store. It is in walking distance, so there won't be any drive time.

Another thing i've been thinking about is shutting down my ArtFire store. I don't get hardly any sales there, so i'm thinking of just listing everything on my blog. I've seen other people list things on their blog and buy through email. I will have to do a little research about taking payments through paypal and such.

We gave two puppies away this week. They went to a wonderful home. They took a boy and a girl. Their names are Brutis and Bella now. The lady sent me an email the next day and said they had a good first night. I'm so happy they have a good home and they are not alone. And, they have four kids to play with...

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Luzmina Jalil said...

Beautiful work Stephanie!. Looks so complicate, but sophisticated.