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Monday, August 31, 2009

A little stained glass

We only get back to New York once a year. So this year, since I started a new craft, I wanted to take presents home to the family. I was so nervous and I don't know why, because you always know that family is gonna love whatever you give them whether its butt ugly or gorgeous. Well, I hadn't been doing glass for long so I made some windchimes and suncatchers.

I love wind chimes made from stained glass. This is one that I made for my sister and her husband. The copper is recycled. It will tarnish(which some like) or you can put a coat of laquer on it.

So my point is....drilling glass. I broke a lot of glass before I found an inexpensive and efficient bit to use. I started out in a hardware store and got a regular glass bit, sort of wedge shaped, metal....bad idea. It took about 15 minutes to drill one hole and it always chipped the back as it went I got out my dremel with the flexshaft (makes it much easier), and went in search of the right drill bit.
I went with one that they carry in walmart. Because lowes and home depot didn't have them. The package is for engraving but I used the one with the ball end and it worked well, they are diamond coated like the bits that go in the glass grinders. It took some time to figure out speed. Too fast will dull your bit but too slow will take forever. I keep my dremel set at about six.

Keep your bit wet..put your piece of glass in a bowl of water while drilling. I use a plastic shoebox, found at walmart for a $1.

I found that warm water will speed up the process slightly, but remember to put cold glass in slowly so it doesn't crack.

Start on a slower speed, till you get a groove in the glass, so the bit doesn't slip around and dig up the glass.

Remember to grind all the edges, even if you get a perfectly clean cut there are always sharp edges.

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