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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I like to promote other people on AF, so if anyone has a suggestion let me know. Those who have 0 or less than 5 sales are ideal. i only have two so far so I know it's difficult. Especially after you've been on AF for a while. I am hoping to get more followers, word spreads slow sometimes.
I have been following you around mv. Your postings in chatterbox make an appearance on my blog. Sometimes it seems I work on looking for other people more than working on my own stuff. I don't mind, because sometimes I have absolutely no inspiration. It comes back though....eventually.
So, today, since mv is always looking for shops to promote i'm putting hers on here.
I love the different styles in her shop. It's not all 'themed' I guess you would say. There is something for everyone..this piece is awesome, my absolute favorite


These earrings are one of my favorites, my sister beat breast cancer so I like the pink stuff....

And can you imagine how soft this would be? What a cool idea.

So pay her a visit, send a link to your friends, tweet, blog, FB, and all those other things to get her stuff out there too...

Thank you mv, we all appreciate your efforts at AF....

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