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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Viking Weave and Grammies Kraft Kabana

So, today is Thursday and I missed a couple days. I have been trying to learn viking wire weave. It's a very easy weave, my only problem is finishing it. I have tried a couple different ways and I am not satisfied. I guess my only option is to put it down for awhile, I have gone through an entire 24 yd spool of wire, been amazed at how cool the chain comes out, gotten frustrated at how sloppy the ends look and made my eyes go 'buggy' from reading so many articles on the computer. So when I come to this point I have learned that if I put it down for a couple days something will come to me when i'm not thinking about it. Weird...

I haven't posted anything on AF today i'm going to concentrate on new stuff.

I also want to point you in this direction. It always amazes me when people can do things with a crochet hook or a set of knitting needles. I can go back and forth in a stright line but thats as far as that goes. This lady on AF makes all kinds of things, my favorite is this checker board. So try to go look through her shop, Grammies Krafty Kabana,
Her stuff is really reasonably priced, and winter is coming...

You may even be able to find your kids school colors. That always help keep their hats on their heads!!!

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