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Monday, December 7, 2009


Monday morning and I can't get anything done...I decided to do a little online shopping. Mostly on ArtFire....hint hint

I started a necklace this wknd and ran out of wire. I started another set of these Christmas ornanaments and ran out of wire.

 So since I get paid tomorrow, today is online shopping day...that's ok, I don't mind.

So, check out these clocks from TimelyImpressions. Sheek, cool..

This clock is a metallic silver, there is also black or red...
And then you've got these others that are just cute cute, it makes me think of a clock that you would put in your kitchen...'s 'TIME' to check out TimelyImpressions, good stuff
They also have coupons available for 10% off at checkout so you better not waste any time!
Oh, just noticed there is free shipping on some of these!!!!


TimelyImpressions said...

Hi, TimelyImpressions here - thank you for featuring my clocks. And for the comments on the pet care people you mentioned - I'll check them out for my beagle who's scratching a lot lately and does not have fleas or any other obvious reason for itching. The clock you show is not actually green, it's metallic silver (metalic like an automobile silver finish - I had a really hard time with that photo!)

Stephanie said...

Sorry about that TI....fixing