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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's 3AM!!!

Yup, every now and then I get a little insomnia. We're night owls anyway but I just can't get to sleep. The watch I posted earlier today sold already...
So I went to beadaholique and ordered square copper wire. I cannot wait till it gets here. Also some jewelers brass, but thats not as exciting.
I made another watch band tonight. This one is Byzantine stars. Will post a pic in the light of day. Thats the only time I can get really good pics.

So lets talk about other things. I love chain maille. It's fun, and I found someone who is at the same level as I am. We are both learning new weaves, we have some of them down and just scoopin up all the info we can.   Dawn  has a wonderful shop on ETSY. I really want to show you her Viking weave though. You should check out her chain maille but this is totally awesome. Here's a couple pics

The weave definitely sets off the stone, and copper is my absolute favorite wire. Not because it's less expensive but the color just stands out I think.
 One more..

How cool and shiny, shiny is this. Such a great centerpiece.
So, anyway, check out her shop, you'll see, her love of the craft shows in the pieces she makes.
See you on the flip side...

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