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Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet another blogger

I would like to introduce you to . What a talented lady, and busy, lady. We met on The Hive and she is always putting up works in progress and is currently teaching us to make a beaded snowflake.

She also does ceramics

I don't know how she keeps up with all this but I sure am glad she does. And i'm very glad I 'met' her.

Next, I'm going to show you the next watch I made. I've gotten a better response from this one. It's 4 Byzantine stars on either side of the face. I'm going to do one more with the silver watch face and then go on to copper and brass. Or was it bronze? hhmmm, I forget..

Well, Till next time, have a good wknd all.
Safe travels to Dawn, and take it


Dawn said...

Oh I love this one!!! And you are a super crafter supporting various folks and featuring them :)

Godzoned said...

great watch. very very elegant