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Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellaneous and Yarn Yokel

I am still working on the watches. I've got some more bamboo wind chimes in the works and sending those to family up north. It's been so warm here that outside work takes precedent over inside. Our tree out front is finally turning. They always turn late. The oak tree lost most of it's leaves last week.

I wanted to mention a member of The Hive today. She goes by Yarn Yokel and she crochets and also makes crochet patterns. That, to me, is pretty awesome. I have to have a pattern for crochet, I can't even make a granny square unless I have the pattern sitting in front of me. Thats kinda funny.
So, if you crochet you should definitely check out her website, she is a wealth of information.
You can also follow her on Twitter yarnyokel.

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