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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Gifts in the Works

I was so happy. My step daughter, who lives in Michigan, sae one of the watches I made and liked it. So I got an idea that I could do watches for all the girls. So i'm thinking about this designs and one will be pink, one purple, one blue and one lime green. Yay, got that all figured out. Here's the design. I'll put the star on each side of the face and then the flowers to finish.

So what to do for the boy. The kids are all grown and in college. he does wear some jewelry. But I need to find a 'manly' design. I know that sounds wierd but I don't want to send something and he said what the heck is that?

So thats my dilemma for the day. I am trying out some patterns so we'll see what happens....

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