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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Projects and love of animals....

Christmas is coming. I am making things for family and building things for my shop. Busy, busy. But today, I would like to introduce a friend from the Hive. Bridget is an animal lover like I am. I have seen a lot of people like this in the Hive. I think it is something about people that work with their hands, whether it's crafting jewelry or knitting or anything. We crafters have a love of animals. I would like to share our conversation and hopefully make a few more people aware of the program that Bridget mentions.
Bridget has 3 rescue horses herself. I think it's a very noble thing to care for an animal.
Attn! My Animall Loving Friends at the HIve!!!!

7 Comments Bridget Nolte on Nov, 25, 2010 at 3:40 PM Please watch Pit Bulls and Paroles tomorow-Saturday night_ at 10 e/p or 9 cst ! For every veiwer Animal Plant will make a doantion to this wonderful rescue program!! Good for the people and great for the Bully dogs!! The rescue uses almost 800 dollars a day to keep this program open! Please repost!! Lets watch TV for a good casue :}

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uff dah-dumb blonde in the house-tomorrow is Friday but I think it is on on Sturday!! Sorry :} food overload!

Bridget Nolte on Nov, 25 at 3:50 PM

How would Animal Planet or any network know how many people were watching a program if the house did not have a box (like Nielson) for interaction?

If they show the pit bull fighting...I do NOT want to see that. It just breaks my heart to see any animal hurt or in pain...and It makes me want to kill each of those vicious ,stupid people who do this to animals.

In the meantime, I am caring for NINE cats/kittens in my house right now...

Lee Steele on Nov, 26 at 12:02 AM

hmmm Lee I am not sure~~ I suppose the cable companies would know wouldnt they? I dont think they show any of that crap-ie the fighting-It breaks my heart too and just sickens me~I have only seen it once-they tell where the dogs came from and how the paroles care for them and rehab them-I just thought it was a good casue-I love the bully breeds-they are so smart and loving-I cant fathom how people can fight these beautiful animals~grrrrr

Bridget Nolte on Nov, 26 at 3:18 PM

They also do this with horses. They get the better behaved paroles to care for them. I think it's a great program for the people and the animals.

Stephanie Robinson on Nov, 26 at 7:58 PM

I love those shows Stephanie!! I have 3 rescue horses-wish I was as good with them as those paroles!

Bridget Nolte on Nov, 26 at 8:00 PM

It is really awesome when they actually get out and stay on the farm because of the animals. Thats when you really know that the love of an animal is the best medicine.

Stephanie Robinson on Nov, 26 at 8:05 PM

and its such a major victory when you win the love of an injured soul! I have done rescue for almost 17 years-it wears on you but the wins are huge :}

Bridget Nolte on Nov, 26 at 8:09 PM
Bridgets' Website
Here is a link to check out her very creative side. She makes very awesome dolls and you have to check out her new Santa ornaments.

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