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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've added a couple things here, the first being a Join the Hive link. This is a great website where you can get together with other crafters. Discuss your craft, share tutorials, or just what your working on at the moment. Or, discuss the sexiest men You will have to go there yourself and look up the blog post for that one, it was a lot of fun.
The link is on your left.

Next, i've added four links for ring suppliers. The first is one in Canada, I thought that one most useful for our Canadian friends, with shipping and all. The other three are her in the US. But they all supply quality rings if you don't make your own.

Last, I have added a link for CGMAILLE. Ron Olin is the owner of this site. He does excellent tutorials for chain maille. I can say that I have learned all of the weaves I know from his site. Thank you, Ron.

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gbkoru said...

Hi there, I follow your blog here too. Hugs, Gunilla